Performance Details :   Jefferson Steelflex & his Neptune Society
  March 22, 2008 - Cozy's Bar and Grill - Sherman Oaks, CA - USA -
 Setlist :

    Set I

    I'm Not the One*
    Hangin' On A Guitar String* (?)
    Smoke Signals
    Cry, Moan & Wail
    Shame On Me
    Holding On
    Go Too Soon
    Eyesight To The Blind
    Dirty Girl >

    Set II

    Main Drain
    Arkansas Gas Card
    Seven Days
    Greazy Chicken
    Locked Down Tight
    Pay For My Mistakes
    Spaceman 11.23

    * Marc (acoustic) w/ Mike Malone (harp) only

    Marc Ford - Guitar, Vocals
    Mike Malone - Organ, Keys, Vocals
    Anthony Arvisu - Drums
    Bill Barret - Harp
    Jimmy Ashurst - Electric Bass (1st Set)
    John Bazz - Upright Bass (2nd Set)

  Show Length :
  145 min.
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